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Garage Remodeling

Attic & Garage Finishing

Choose for a little style and color to your garage, it adds more charm to your Sweet home too. Start from the garage floor, Standard concrete garage floors are functional. Garage floors can be of two primary categories: Coatings and Coverings.

The Garage space can be properly utilised to Storage and Hobbies. Remodeling your garage can storage space, living space and it also adds beauty to your home. Whether you are planning to modify your garage or want a minor changes in it Contact our Handyman anytime.

Garage finishing includes

  • Installing new flooring, insulation and drywall
  • Heating, cooling and lighting Arrangement
  • Garage Door & WIndow Replacement
  • Garage Roofing & Polising
  • Ventilation fixtures
  • Attic stairs and ladders
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Remodeling in a Garage

When remodeling a garage, make sure it works well for those who will spend time there. Many materials are available for walls and flooring to fit any budget or style.
* Measure the walls, ceiling and floor space.
* Choose the basic remodeling design.
* Begin the remodel by starting at the ceiling level.
Frame the walls for drywall or a special storage system.

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